Download 3rd-year Bsc IT practical Software (JDK, NETBEANS & PYTHON)


 Download 3rd-year Bsc IT practical Software



           All the students in the IT field need the software  to perform their practical and practices or check their code whether it is right or not if you are not a student in the IT field it doesn't mean that you can't use this application 
So in this article, we have provided the link of 3 Software which you can download from the given link  namer are given below: 
  1. JDK
Short introduction of the software

1) JDK(Java development kit): The JDK (Java Development Kit) includes tools for developing and testing programs written in the Java programming language and running on the Java platform. Linux; macOS; Windows.

2) NETBEANS: NetBeans IDE is a free and open source integrated development environment for application development on Windows, Mac, Linux, and Solaris operating systems. The IDE simplifies the development of web, enterprise, desktop, and mobile applications that use the Java and HTML5 platforms.



3) PYTHON: Python is a computer programming language often used to build websites and software, automate tasks, and conduct data analysis. Python is a general-purpose language, meaning it can be used to create a variety of different programs and isn't specialized for any specific problems.


                CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD 

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